Engagement Party Protocol

Traditionally, it is the Bride’s Parents who take on this honour first, but anyone who wishes may throw an engagement party, including the newly engaged couple.

What type of party is appropriate to celebrate this special news? Whether its a brunch, luncheon, dinner or cocktail party, any manner that the hosts wish to bring everyone together will work, just have fun with it, its an opportunity to show some creativity or to reflect the personality of the newly engaged couple.

Sometimes engagement parties are surprises, where the guest are invited but have no idea it’s in regards to the engagement, in that case, be sure not to tip your hat in the invitation. This is where a themed party can be a creative way to get guest to the event.

There are so many ways to invite Guest either through email, by phone or written invitation depending the formality you wish to convey and timeline you have. Be careful to invite only guest that you also plan to invite to the wedding to avoid hurt feelings. If you want guest to know about the engagement prior to the party you can mention it in the body of the invitation for example: “Please join us as we celebrate the engagement of…”

Do both the engaged couple need to attend the party? YES! You both must attend all engagements parties. Be sure to thank the hosts of all your engagements parties with a note and a small gift or flowers. Engagement gifts are generally not given and should not be expected but if you do receive gifts, open them later after guest(s) have left so that you don’t embarrass anyone who didn’t bring one. Make sure to follow up wth a thank you note to anyone who did bring a gift.

There are so many ways to celebrate this thrilling occasion with friends and family. Have fun with it and use a little imagination whether a casual get-together to a formal stylish affair, here are some fun ideas to get you started.

Engagement Party ideas:

A wine or beer tasting at your favourite winery or micro-brewery. Consider adding to the fun with some printed up cocktail napkins with engagement announcement. This can be a slightly more formal affair ,be sure to serve some scrumptous appetizers and you can really show your style.

A BBQ, beach or pool party – this type of get together can be a relaxed way to enjoy family and friends while sharing your exciting news.

A Fiesta Party or Pasta theme, Open house or Champagne & Hors d”oeuvres – This can be easy to put together when you have a fun theme to work with and can feed many guests. Don’t forget to include some fun creative cocktails and you will be set.

An Intimate dinner is an elegant way to make the big announcement to family and friends. A smaller more intimate group may be just your style and lends itself particularly well by making the announcement by formal toast.


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